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September 2012

  • Capital Area Transit to Dedicate First “Adopted” Shelter on Sept. 10

    September 13, 2012

    Mayor Nancy McFarlane will lead the dedication of the first adopted bus shelter on Sept. 10 at 2 p.m. The shelter, located at 4104 Poole Road, directly in front of the City’s new Capital Area Transit facility, was adopted by the employees of Veolia Transportation, a City vendor that operates the Capital Area Transit fixed-route bus service. 

    In August, the City began seeking volunteers to adopt City bus shelters. Adoption requires maintaining the shelter. The City of Raleigh has more than 200 bus shelters. Those wishing to participate in the initiative can assist in removing trash in and around the shelter area on a monthly basis. Volunteers also should alert the City of Raleigh of any special maintenance needs and report vandalism or suspicious activity. 

    To adopt a shelter, contact the City of Raleigh Transit Office by email at Volunteers must complete an agreement form. City of Raleigh staff will provide adopters with trash bags, disposable gloves, and safety vests to assist in the trash removal around their adopted shelter.

    “We will provide volunteers with safety vests, trash bags, disposable gloves, and a decal with their name or organizational logo on the shelter,” said Lindsay Pennell, Capital Area Transit marketing director. “People can adopt any shelter that they want. We have a list of the ones most in need, but they can choose one near their home if they like.”