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Transit fairs well in November 2010 elections!

November 11, 2010

November 2010 elections confirmed the relevancy of and public desire for public transportation improvements.  Voters across the country approved 73 percent of state and local public transportation-related ballot initiatives, authorizing nearly $500 million over the next five years to fund bus, light rail, commuter rail, and other related public transit projects.

Located outside of Atlanta, Clayton County represents just one of 22 successful ballot measures to fund public transit initiatives.  Earlier this year, Clayton County commissioners voted to end public transit service.  Alarmed by the commission's decision, 70 percent of voters approved a one-cent sales tax to extend nearby MARTA (Metropoitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) service to the county.  Clayton's overwhelming support for regional transit is representative of a recession-proof, nationwide progression toward enhanced regional connectivity.

Like Clayton, Wake County may face opposition to a future regional transit referendum from commissioners, some of whom have publicly denounced proposed improvement projects, including light-rail and commuter rail service.  Click the Raleigh Public Record news article link below to learn more about Wake County commissioner stances on proposed regional transit initiatives.