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Individual and Civic Leader Signatories

* Note: Title and Organization is for reference purposes only

NameTitle, OrganizationComments
2753Philip Kimbrough
2752Ann CullerThis system would be so beneficial to this area. I have a sister who uses the Metra system outside of Chicago on a regular basis to commute to work along with so many others. I used it in college. It is an essential form of transportation.
2751Stacy Partin
2750Jason HorneChair, Raleigh Transit Authority
2749Lars BredahlDigital Channel Product Manager, First Bank (FBNC)
2748Ha Na ChoeI have no choice but to drive for my daily commute, and the traffic seems to get worse everyday. I used to take the bus, but it is a nightmare 3 bus commute to get from Cary to Durham, and I was often stranded at the Durham station. We really need a way to connect Wake county with Durham. PLEASE allow for construction of a commuter/light rail.
2747Derrick Curtis
2746Matthew PaitMechanical EngineerRaleigh --> RTP can only be, logically, a rail setup. Otherwise, you'd be asking passengers to board one mode of public transit, ride half the distance to Durham, and get off and board both another line AND mode of transit. Wake MUST work with Durham/Orange to make a single line between [at least] downtown Raleigh and Durham. I am all for supporting line extensions to both the northern and southern Wake County bedroom communities, so long as they all meet in downtown Raleigh.
2745Christine FreimanI support the expansion of lite rail in the entire triangle area.
2744Theresa Anhut