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Individual and Civic Leader Signatories

* Note: Title and Organization is for reference purposes only

NameTitle, OrganizationComments
2621Ron McMenamin
2620Murdick Johnson
2619Jody Welker
2618prof premraj pushpakaran
2617christopher hall
2616Charlotte StewartBetter transit means rush hour is less of a nightmare for those who choose to drive. It means finally finishing that novel during my commute. Those who have a couple beers at a 'canes game can get home safely and cheaply without driving. it means economic opportunity for those who are willing to work but can't afford a car until they get the job first.
2615A morrishow
2614Leon DeBaerI do not understand why the County Commissioners are blocking attempts by Wake County citizens to vote for expanding mass transit? They have held up progress long enough!
2613Susan Rosen
2612Lucas Fautua