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Individual and Civic Leader Signatories

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NameTitle, OrganizationComments
2759Winston Wright(To move to Raleigh soon)I have a question. As we have seen in Denver recently connecting downtown to the airport via commuter rail and even in Atlanta where MARTA connect rail right to the airport. There are even more examples of large cities connecting rail to directly to airports like Seattle and Miami. Would it not be better to connect the airport directly to the commuter rail plan. Making it easier for everyone to get directly to the airport instead of several transfers.
2758Jennifer Edelschick
2757monica sandersdaycare teacheryour going in the right direction keep up the good work. we will get there. excited about light rail.Also excited about light rail service one day.hope to be living there real soon.
2756David PoweResearch and Communications Fellow, Transit Network
2755Rebecca Kimbel
2753Philip Kimbrough
2752Ann CullerThis system would be so beneficial to this area. I have a sister who uses the Metra system outside of Chicago on a regular basis to commute to work along with so many others. I used it in college. It is an essential form of transportation.
2751Stacy Partin
2750Jason HorneChair, Raleigh Transit Authority